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Crystal Field of Awakening
giri-field-super-large.jpgThe energy field to trigger spiritual awakening, the "Buddhafield"
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Telephone: 06772- 8070 278

This very powerful energy field is made of 23 energized crystals , 21 energized gemstone pendants and 21 painting cards.
It is a mirror for our dormant energies within, and has the power to initiate a deep awakening to our true potential.
You will receive a field equal in quality to the one in the photo.
For your personal field we will choose each crystal and each gemstone with great care.
The size of the crystals varies between 150g to 250 g.
Building and energizing  will take approximately 1-2 months.
(Acrylic stand not included.)

The Field of Awakening has four layers of energy:
  • The Circle of Light ( outer circle of colours) with 21 frequencies to raise th consciousness of body/mind
  • The Circle of Grace (middle circle of crystal balls) with 13 frequencies to nourish the spiritual heart
  • The Great Swan - Wind of the East (inner circle of crystal balls)with 9 frequencies to BE at the center of your being
  • The Pillar of consciousness (standing crystal in the center) the "antenna" to the "divine"
The 21 frequencies of the circle of Light are stored in semi-precious gemstone pendants
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10. Oceanic (The Fish in the Sea is not Thirsty)
12. Let go
13. Vision
The 13 Frequencies of the Circle of Grace are stored in crystal balls:
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