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Natural Frequency- Crystal Ball
nf-shop-large.jpgTo reconnect to your individual and natural being.
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Brasilian crystal ball, organically grown.
Energized with the frequency of  your " Natural Frequency".

This frequency will be individually found and energized just for you.
Nobody else can have exactly the same vibration as you have.
To remember and fall in tune with ones own original  nature.

Please select the size
               small           S :  - 150g
M:  150g to 250g
               large           L:    + 250g to 350 
              extra large   XL: 350-450  
                                   XXXL: 450-550 g

You will receive one crystal of the quality shown in the photo


Natural Frequency

Each human being is born as a very unique individual, vibrating on his or her own natural wavelength; this wavelength is called the "natural frequency". As time goes by, all of us , unfortunately, are taught, that we should not be as we are, but become like we " should" be. What this  " should " is, depends on the culture we are brought up in.  But one thing we all share, and that is:  through our education we loose our natural way of being, we forget who we are and who we wanted be be, and become what we are told to . In other words: we loose our natural frequency. We are no more in tune with our own inherent vibration. And to forget ones own natural being and try to be someone else, is to be unhappy.

How to remember?

In meditation slowly slowly the true nature becomes visible. This may take time. There is a way though to support this process, to make it very easy and enjoyable and much faster.

It is possible to access each individuals natural frequency and store its vibration in a crystal. The crystal radiates this vibration while you are meditating with it, (or wearing the energized pendant)   and your body and mind naturally begin to fall in tune with it. Through the contact with your natural frequency in the crystal, the water inside your body begins to vibrate in the same wavelength. In this way your own inherent natural vibration becomes active again, and you begin to see and are able to live according to your true nature.

To be able to energize a crystal with your natural frequency, I need some information about you.

1. your birth name
2. your birth day and time ( as exact as possible)
3. Place of birth
4. if you have been initiated into a spiritual path: date of initiation, name of your Master, and your spiritual name and its meaning

When you order your natural frequency, please enter these data into the order form.
All your personal data will be treated very confidentially, and after energizing, will not be kept.