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" Compassion" energized Pink Moonstone pendant
compassion1-large.jpgloving kindness, loving care and loving clarity
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17. "Compassion"
(Peach pink frequency)


Compassion towards oneself and others.

Loving kindness, loving clarity. 

To understand what compassion is,

and live accordingly.

Compassion is not pity;

Compassion sees clearly what helps,

and acts with love and clarity.

It is an abundance

of overflowing love.



energized pink moonstone in a silver setting
you will receive a pendant equal in size and quality


 How to use the energized pendant

                         This pendant has been energized
                         and is carrying the frequency of " Compassion".
                         When you wear the energized pendant,
                         your body will begin to vibrate on the same wavelength.
                        To access the full potential of this energized pendant
                         there are two steps to go deeper:
  • invocation    
  • and meditation ( any meditation of your own choice)

·         I am…… (say your name)


·         And I would like to be in tune with …( someone you deeply trust; your master, your friend… or anybody you trust, because in trust we open)


·         And I am now ready to receive…. ( say the name of the frequency you are using)


With an invocation and with meditation the crystal ( or gemstone, or essence or oil….. ) gives 100% of its energy to you.
If you use them without invocation or meditation,, they will give you some of their energy, but not all.
It is energized in this way, so that you yourself can decide, how much of the energy you want to receive.