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Cancellation Rights

·         The customer has the possibility to return ordered articles without giving any reason within 15 days after receiving the goods. Rights of refund exist only when the respective goods have been returned in the original sealed packaging or with an undamaged seal.

·         Rights of return are to be considered forfeited if the good have been manufactured according to the order of the customer (indicated by purple, red or yellow in

Payment will be refunded within 5 working days after receiving the returned goods.

             The returned goods are to be sent to the following address
              B. Madhave, Oshanshu, Borngraben 3, 56355 Nastätten, Germany


·         Up to a product value of 40 Euro, return sending costs are to be paid by the customer. Postage of the return has to be sufficient.

·         Oshanshu will pay for the return postage for orders exceeding 40 Euro.


·         Customers exercising their rights of refund must compensate the firm Oshanshu for any diminishment in value or for the complete value of the goods, to the extent the customer was not able to return the goods in orderly condition, as the customer is responsible for the damage, perishability or other deficiency of the delivered goods. This does not hold true in respect to the damage of goods whose damaged condition was caused exclusively by a standard examination, as would have been possible in a normal shop. Moreover, the duty of value compensation can be avoided by not making use of the article as the proper owner would, and by refraining from any activity which would reduce the value of the article.

·         The goods should be examined immediately after delivery by the customer or an authorized individual to detect any transportation damages. Detectible transportation damages are to be reported without delay in written form. Packaging damages are to be confirmed in written form by the transportation company upon delivery.