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"The Child" Oil of Light
2-child-oil-large.jpgThe passion and truth of life

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2. The Child (red frequency)
Living truth.
Pure life energy.
Totality of love.
moving towards the awakening of conscious­ness.
Whatever the cost.
Rising upward with much energy.
The passion the live ones own life.
                        How to us the Oils of Light

                This body oil has been energized and is carrying 
                        the frequency of " The Child "
                        Simply use it as a massage oil or as a body lotion. 
                        Your body will absorb the frequency and will begin 
                        to vibrate on the same wavelength.


                         Ingredients: jojoba oil (refined), blend of essential oils

                        50 ml frosted glass bottle
                        Because we dont use any preservatives,
                        the oil should be used within 3 months after opening the bottle.

                        Store in a cool and dark place ( fridge is best).

                       To guarantee you with the freshest product, 
                        each oil is freshly filled and energized for your order