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"The Child " Essence of Light
tinct-2-child-large.jpgThe passion and truth of life
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2. The Child (red frequency)
Living truth.
Pure life energy.
Totality of love.
moving towards the awakening of conscious­ness.
Whatever the cost.
Rising upward with much energy.
The passion the live ones own life.

 How to use the Essences of Light

                         This essence has been energized
                         and is carrying the frequency of " The Child ".
                         When you drink the energized tincture or fan it into your aura,
                         your body will begin to vibrate on the same wavelength.
                         Drink 3 to 7 drops in a glass of water, three times a day,
                         or drop 3 to 7 drops unto your palm, and fan the essence into your aura .
                         Ingredients: Aqua energized, alcohol 40% for stabilizing, 20 ml glass bottle