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Healing Circle Oil #10, "Forest Walk"
10-forest-walk-medium-2.jpgenergized massage oil
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Forest Walk
Now you are recovering,
and today Is your first day to go out into the world.
Take your time, walk slowly,
the best place to gain strength is to be in the forest
and absorb the healing power of the trees around you.
So imagine,
you are walking slowly, relaxedly on a forest path,
the sun is shining and you hear the songs of birds.
The hum of insects, every sound helps you to be relaxed and easy.
The sun filters through the green of the leaves,
your eyes are becoming very relaxed.
You walk slowly, enjoying every moment.
And just when you begin to feel,
that soon you will need a little rest,
you see a bench waiting for you in sunlit clearing,
and you sit down.
All the trees and grasses and plants in the forest
seem to smile on you and fill you with their strength.
You can be here for as long as you wish to,
and you can always come back whenever you want.
The forest is your friend.

How to use the Healing Circle Oils 

                This body oil has been energized and is carrying 
                        the frequency of  "Forest Walk"
                        You can use it as a massage oil or just like a body lotion.
                        Your body will absorb the frequency and will begin 
                        to vibrate on the same wavelength.

                        Most effectively, the oils should be used one by one,

                        staring with #1, ending with Nature,

                        in  combination with


                        "Forest Walk" Tincture and
                        "Forest Walk"  crystal.


                        Ingredients: jojoba oil , refined, fragrance free

                        50 ml frosted glass bottle

                       Store in a cool and dark place ( fridge is best).



 Please note:
Conventional (school) medical science as well as conventional (school) physics deny the existence of subtle energy fields and their working on the body and mind/matter.
School medicine states that these energies can at the most have placebo effects.
If you have any medical or psychological problems, please consult your doctor, the products offered here are not meant to be substitutes for medical or psychological treatment.
Please note, that the energized products you find offered here are not part of what school medicine or science would recommend,
but they are part of a search for a new approach to life and the search for truth and well- being ( based on my understanding of the insights of the spiritual masters, quantum physics and the works of  Masaru Emoto)