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Crystal pendant round
hp-silver-round-large-large.jpgenergized with the frequency of your choice


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Brasilian Crystal pendant in a silver setting
energized with the frequency of your choice.
Here you can choose one of the frequencies of the " Field of Awakening" for your pendant.
The frequencies of the "Field of Awakening" are the vibrations that support and nourish the spiritual heart and the soul.
They have the power to help awakenen our own dormant vibration.

These frequencies

are for those

who want to discover themselves

who they are,

why they are,

for those who want to go deep
into the inquiry
of the truth of their being.

The Field of Awakening

is a gift of grace

for the meditators,

for those who want to turn within

and look for the source of their being.


It is a loving response from existence
to a heart crying out
for spiritual nourishment.
It has been received
in silent meditation.
It is rain from the beyond,
a shower on the seed
of the spiritual heart.
You may use it as nourishment,
as encouragement
and as a glimpse
of a reality awaiting you.
But know,
that the REAL is within you.
The real is within you.



 The 4 Pinks (Four Faces of Love)

to realize
 hat I am wanted by life,
that I am loved and cared for
and provided with whatever I need
for this inner journey.
That my need for love
is being fulfilled,
the need for nourishment and shelter,
that life is compassionate
and heals the pain of my soul.
I can start the journey now.
My provisions 
are taken care of,
All the faces of love
 are turned towards me.



The Frequency of Highest Protection


Ah, to realize
that life itself wants me
to go in and in
and discover
the truth of my being…
to realize
that I am under life’s
highest protection.
It cares so much
that I should reach
to the center of my being.
It protects me
from all the influences
that would hinder my growth.
I am the hope of life itself,
through me it discovers itself.
I am under highest protection
and nothing can harm me.
Now I can close my eyes
and turn within.
I am under
Highest Protection.


The Temple


Sitting silently,
with eyes turned inward,
opening the channel
to the Higher Consciousness,
receiving its blessings.
Being emptied of self,
being filled with the divine,
 being a hollow bamboo.
Allowing the self to disappear,
to make way for the divine.
Being a temple of
pure and undisturbed silence.
Wisdom descends.




The Natural Frequency


Ahh, to remember
who I was before I was born,
what did I come with
into this world,
what was my face,
my color,
my dream,
my state of being,
before I was taught
by parents and school?
What is the original me?
What does it long for?
And remembering it,
falling in tune with it,
and falling in tune with it,
everything that has been
put into me,
will leave me.
Will leave me as my original being,
face to face with what was
before the conditioning started.
From here
I can see clearly.
I am in my own heart.
I am centered again
into my own being.




Body, the Temple of Consciousness

to realize
that I am much more
than the body.
That the body is
in reality
a temple
for consciousness to live in.
A home for consciousness
for the time-being,
a beautiful place
 to live in.
To take care of it,
and to begin to understand
what it needs
to be able to be
what it is:
a temple for consciousness.
 A deep wonder arises.


The Potential is coming to Light


to realize
what a human being can be.
What it can be
once the seed is dissolved
and starts growing into a flower.
What its flowering will be.
The first glimpse
of what is possible,
and what is our birthright really:
Being face to face
with the hidden potential.


Blue Mountain


Blue Mountain has called,
and the call has been heard.
It is time to go home now.
It is not feet that take you there.
It is a standing still
and a turning in,
a putting down
and a giving up.
Now there is no one.
Blue Mountain has called,
and the call has been heard.
And the silence!


Self-respect and Pride, the Dignity to be a Human Being
Being reborn.
Being twice- born.
The dignity of the golden
that you are,
at home,
at peace,
radiating light.
Deep understanding
of all life.
Deep love and respect
for all life.
A golden understanding,
and a standing
in one’s full glory.




Dhyan, Meditation, Zen



Sitting silently,
doing nothing,
spring comes,
and the grass grows by itself.
Meditation is natural now.
Energy turned withinward,
Simply watching.
Opening eyes:
a glimpse of the moon.
Satori may come,
may not come.
This sitting itself
is more than enough.
From faraway
the sound of a flute:
what more?
This moment
 is enough
 unto itself.
Everything perfect,
everything still...
awaiting nothing –
all is revealed.




Body of Bliss


Each fiber transformed,
each particle,
each cell
dancing with delight,
drunk in the bliss
that flows
from everywhere.
This body
 is completely transformed.
Each step now a dance,
 each word – a song.
 If they say I am drunk,
 they are right.
 But this drunkenness
 is from the inner well,
 and there is no end to it.
This delight
 just deepens
and deepens


Flame of Awareness


Fully awake,
day and night,
the flame of awareness
is shedding its light.
Not a moment of darkness.
 Everything is
crystal clear
in the light
of my watching.
is my precious


Law of One


only one reality remains,
all- embracing,
the Law of One,
no distinctions
of good and bad,
all dissolved
into the one reality.
Ego has died.
Reality is.




Beyond words


There is much more.
There is so much more.
Cannot be named.
Drink it.
Drink it.
There is so much more.
Drink it