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Miracle of Love (4 pinks) energized silver pendant
rose-sadh-big1-large.jpgFor a rich and loving life on all levels
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 Brasilan rosequartz cabouchon in a silver setting,
energized with the frequency  " Miracle of Love".
Invites all the loving forces of existence into your life:
compassion , abundance, offering, nothing but love.
For a rich life on all levels

The Miracle of Love( 4 Pinks - The four faces of love)


This frequency helps us to manifest the four faces of love in our lives: compassion, abundance, offering, and " nothing but love".
To manifest them means, to be able to receive and give those qualities freely.

Most of us have been taught as we grew up, that life is hard, and that we need to work hard to make our living.
The reality is, that we live in an existence, that is overflowing with love and richness, but we have never learned how to receive these qualities.
The society does not want us to realize that life is abundant, and so we have learned that to be receptive is not helpful for our lives.
Instead we have learned that we have to DO and to be agreesive if we want to survive.
But love cannot be fought for, love can only be received.

We have never been taught, that existence is  really an overflowing fountain of love and richness, and that all we need to do is, to fall in tune with it, and drink.
Instead, how to earn our money is such a big and painful question for many of us.
The frequency of the "4 Pinks" help us to come in tune again with the oerflowing love of existence and all the goodness of life can flow to us easily. 

How to absorb the frequency "Miracle of Love "?

The energized rose quartz radiates this vibration while you are meditating with it, (or wearing the energized pendant)  and your body and mind naturally begin to fall in tune with it. Through the contact with the "Miracle of Love"  in the rose quartz, the water inside your body begins to vibrate in the same wavelength. In this way your receptivity is activated and you can naturally absorb the goodness of life.