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The Healing Hands and Chants of the Wise Women
rose-quartz-ball-2-medium-2.jpgenergized rose quartz ball, a very powerful healing frequency
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A- quality Brasilian rose quartz ball.

Energized with the frequency of " The Healing Hands and Chants of the Wise Women".

Please select the size
               small           S :  - 150g
M:  150g to 250g
               large           L:    + 250g to 350 
              extra large   XL: 350-450  
                                   XXXL: 450-550 g

You will receive  a rose quartz ball  of the quality shown in the photo

The Healing Hands and Chants of The Wise Women
A very loving healing energy.
Imagine yourself being surrounding by the healing women,
those who know everything about healing.
They are warm and understanding.
You can let go, and all by itself a deep trust arises, and a knowing,
that you WILL be healed.
You can allow yourself to fall into these warm and loving hands,
and you are filled with confidence.
You know on a very deep level, that you are understood,
and loved and cared for.