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"Healing Circle" energized Amethyst ball
amethyst-ball-2-medium-2.jpgenergized with the frequency of your choice, a very powerful healing frequency
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A- quality brasilian amethyst/ ametrin ball, organically grown,
nergized with the frequency of " Deva of Healing",
a very powerful healing frequency

               Please select the size
               small     S :  - 150g
M:  150g to 250g

You will receive one amethyst ball of the same quality as shown in the photo

A very potent and powerful amethyst ball.
You can use the "Healing Circle" amethyst balls to reconnect yourself 
to your inherent natural healing power.
As we all know , the body has a healing power of itself,
but many of us lost the connection,
and do not know how to find it back.
The frequencies stored in the amethyst  are acting as a bridge
to re- connect you.
You can use the "Healing Circle" amethyst balls by meditating with them,
or putting the crystals on any spot of your body,
 where it feels good to you,
and let the light of a torch shine through them.
The light will transport the frequency into your body,
and from there it will find its way into your system.
If you feel, you would ike  to go deeply into the Healing Circle,
you can connect here: laxmi@oshanshu.net
We will assist you, if needed
These are  the possible requencies stored in the amethyst ball,
and that will be transmitted to you:
(please choose the one you feel most attracted to)
1.The Healing Hands and Chants of The Wise Women
A very loving healing energy.
Imagine yourself being surrounding by the healing women,
those who know everything about healing.
They are warm and understanding.
You can let go, and  a deep trust arises, and a knowing,
that you WILL be healed.
You can allow yourself to fall into these warm and loving hands,
and you are filled with confidence.
You know on a very deep level, that you are understood,
and loved and cared for.
2.The White Robe Brotherhood Medical Team
Diagnosis on a very deep level.
Imagine yourself to meet the most skillful medical team,
the doctors on the energetic level.
Imagine they have all the technical skills of the future,
far more accurate then anything we have seen yet.
Imagine yourself to be diagnosed by a very soothing light
passing through every cell of your body,
so all the apects of your dis- ease can be found and finally cured.
The overall picture of what has gone wrong arises,
and with it, a knowing that you WILL be cured.
The feeling of being taken care of on a very deep and skillful level.
3.The Deva of Healing
The intelligence who builds the new reality,
who writes the blueprint and makes the design for your new and healthy body.
Imagine that your body is a house for your soul to live in.
Being unwell means, that the house does not fit in some way
to the purpose of the soul.
so it needs re- construction,
For the soul to continue living in the body,
and living happily, at easy ( as opposite of dis-ease)
it needs a perfect temple. It deserves it.
The Deva of Healing makes the Master design.
4.The Healing Power of Love
Now healing can begin.
What really heals us, is love,
being completely filled with it,
every cell of your body and being,
filled with the healing power of love .
5. Insight
In every dis-ease there is always one positve aspect:
we call it the positive intention.
To find out, what was the positive intention of your body,
to create the dis- ease,
( for instance: I have bad teeth, so I cant bite anyone; I am not a violent person).
With insight we find the positive intention,
and we find means and ways to fulfill the positive intention
in a creative and healthy way.
Now there is no obstacle to your healing.
The energy of transition very gently guides you into the new reality of health.
It helps you to disconnect from dis-ease,
and to become rooted into your new body of health and well- being
7. Breath of Life
imagine that you have become very small,
so small, that you can rest on the palm of a hand,
and you ARE resting on the palm of a very loving, caring hand.
Now you feel a breeze touching you,
and it feels so good,
and you realize that it is the breath of life, touching you.
New life is being breathed into you,
fills your body,
and gives you the "impuls" to begin a new life in a new body.
Now your own breath and the breath of life fall in tune.
8. Spring of Life
Imagine you are entering a cave,
a very beautiful crystal cave, lighted by innumerable candles.
You walk into it, knowing,
that something tremendously beautiful is going to happen for you.
You hear the sound of distant running water, it attracts you,and you follow the sound.
Soon you come to an opening in the cave and you see:
a fountain of overflowing water,
shimmering in the warm light of the candles,
so beautiful, so inviting,
and the sound of water is calling you near.
You realize that this is the spring of life,
and that the overflowing water is the water of life.
And you are invited to emerge yourself in it.
So you step into the fountain,
and let yourself be filled by the water of life.
You can stay here as long as you wish,
until you feel you are
filled by the healing waters.
9.Harmony- a Way of LIfe
A deep, deep relaxation,
just to BE is enough.
Everything is in tune with everything else,
existence is a completely harmonious whole.
And so is our body.
Every muscle, every nerve, every organ, every cell,
even our feelings and emotions
are in complete harmony ,
naturally melting with the greater whole,
and contributing to the well - being of the organism.
To understand on a very deep level 
that to be relaxed and to be in tune with life
IS Health and a beautiful and nourishing way of life. 
10.Forest Walk
Now you are recovering,
and today Is your first day to go out into the world.
Take your time, walk slowly,
the best place to gain strength is to be in the forest
and absorb the healing power of the trees around you.
So imagine,
you are walking slowly, relaxedly on a forest path,
the sun is shining and you hear the songs of birds.
The hum of insects...
 every sound helps you to feel relaxed and easy.
The sun filters through the green of the leaves,
and now your eyes are becoming very relaxed.
You walk slowly, enjoying every moment.
And just when you begin to feel,
that soon you will need a little rest,
you see a bench waiting for you in sunlit clearing,
and you sit down.
All the trees and grasses and plants in the forest
seem to smile on you and fill you with their strength.
You can be here for as long as you wish to,
and you can always come back whenever you want.
The forest is your friend.
11.Joy of Living- The Light of Life
Just to be alive is so beautiful,
there is a smile on your face and you know
that now you can sing and dance
and that there is no worry in the world for you.
Life is beautiful,
and you are so happy to be here.
You are surrounded by light,
and even in your heart there is a smile and a shining light.
This light is within you now,
and it radiates ,
and whoever comes near you will feel the happiness,
and will be touched by it.
Your are in tune with the celebration of life itself.
12.Deep Meaning of Life and Blessings
Now you have another chance,
to start fresh,
in a new and healthy body......
you ask yourself:
what is it that is most valuable for me in your life,
what do I want to live for?
What do you want to experience:
is it love? Is it joy? Is it abundance? Happiness? Sharing?
Only you can know what it is, that gives meaning to your life.
And when there is meaning in life,
there is an urgency for the body to be well,
and it helps you fullfill your deepest longing.
To feel und to honor your deepest meaning of life,
and recive the blessings of life,
so it can and WILL be
13. Life Energy
Start living!
You can begin a new life today!
Existence gives you  extra energy now,
so you CAN begin,
to live
what you always wanted to live,
and now,
your body is with you!
Alive, vibrant, happy!
Enter the dance of life!
This is it!
So much energy, so much strength,
you cannot contain it
and so
your new life begins!
Nature, the manifesting power,
 brings into the physical world,
what you have aquired on the astral plane.
The healing that has happened in the astal body
with the power of nature
will manifest in the physical body.
It is
May you live in a healthy and happy body
Please note:
Conventional (school) medical science as well as conventional (school) physics deny the existence of subtle energy fields and their working on the body and mind/matter.
School medicine states that these energies can at the most have placebo effects.
If you have any medical or psychological problems, please consult your doctor, the products offered here are not meant to be substitutes for medical or psychological treatment.
Please note, that the energized products you find offered here are not part of what school medicine or science would recommend,
but they are part of a search for a new approach to life and the search for truth and well- being ( based on my understanding of the insights of the spiritual masters, quantum physics and the works of  Masaru Emoto)