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Sisterhood of The Wise Women
sisterhood-heart-rose-large.jpghelps to reconnect to the sisterhood of the wise women and their long forgotten wisdom and power
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 energized rose quartz heart


Beloved sisters,

It makes me so happy,
the time has come,
for us, the wise women,
 to remember and reconnect
to the wisdom and the power we once had.

We, the wise women of this beautiful planet Earth
have been underground for many, many centuries now;
once in a while one, or maybe even a few of us have dared
to come out with the wisdom that we carry,
but most of us have chosen to hide;
some of us have been hiding so well,
that they completely forgot the power we all have inside ourselves:

The Power to create!

In the past we have been punished and persecuted by
the religious leaders and the governments;
they could not allow us to be
who we are:
free individuals who knew about the power to create.

To be able to enslave the people and the earth,
they had to make us so afraid, that we will not dare
 to ever come out again,
and live our true potential.
It seems , they succeeded for a long, long time.
We all know the cruelty it took to make us forget.

But the wise women did not die;
we just went deep inside and we were waiting there:
just like the trees in autumn throw off their leaves
and hide their living saps deep inside during the winter;
Yes, they do not look alive in winter,
but when the spring comes:

Ahhhhh, such a splendor!

We have been waiting inside just like that,
and now our spring has come,
And it is time for us to meet
and face the challenge to our power from within:

Our beautiful planet is in such a big danger now,
our wisdom and our love and our consciousness
are  needed.
We cannot hide it any longer.

NOW! Let us wake each other up.
let us see, in which way we can support our dying planet,
to live,
and to live long,
and to begin a new age.

Our planet can and will live.
We, the Wise Women of the Earth
have a secret hidden inside ourselves,
which can and will restore our Earth’s will to live.

Come, beloved sisters, come
and step into the waters
of silent midnight lake.
be emptied,
be filled,
find it again,
your long-lost power to create.
Come, beloved sisters, come,
you have been called,
the Earth is waiting,

Yes, we ARE here,
alive and awake,
the Wise Woman of this Earth.

Come dancing!