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Earth Guardian Circle
earth-guardian-circle-large.jpgan energy field for the support for our beautiful planet,creation and manifestation of a healthy and restored Earth
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The Earth Guardian Circle energy field consists of 12 frequencies stored in

         a blue calcite ball, energized with the natural frequency of the New Planet Earth

         11 standing selenite crystals carrying the frequencies of

1.      Love and Gratitude (the Buddha)

2.      Guardian of the Atmosphere

3.      Guardian of the Forest

4.      Guardian of the Ocean

5.      Guardian of the Sweet Waters

6.      Guardian of Earth, Soil an Rocks

7.      Guardian of the Animal Kingdom

8.      Guardian of the Ocean Life

9.      Guardian of the Bird Kingdom

10.  Guardian of Insects and the Tiny Creatures

11.  New Man


         And Nature


Through invocation and meditation and with the help of the guardians we do have the power to support our beautiful planet, and restore its natural health and wellbeing.


You will receive a field of the same quality as it is shown in the photo.