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This very Body, the Buddha- this very Earth, the Lotus- Paradise

                                                We are offering "Tools for the New Man",
                                        Transmission of Light products,
                     helpful devices and beautiful and playful tools in the spheres of
                               consciousness, healing and environment.

                            We sincerely hope that you might find inspiration here
Please note that conventional (school) medical science as well as conventional (school) physics deny the existence of subtle energy fields and their working on the body and mind/matter.
School medicine states that these energies can at the most have placebo effects.
If you have any medical or psychological problems, please consult your doctor, the products offered here are not meant to be substitutes for medical or psychological treatment.
Please note, that the energized products you find offered here are not part of what school medicine or science would recommend,
but they are part of a search for a new approach to life and the search for truth and well- being on all levels ( based on my understanding of the insights of the spiritual masters, quantum physics and the works of  Masaru Emoto)
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Testimonals and Experiences
... my crystal is always around my neck, over my heart and it's like a part of the body. I love it so much!
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What are energized crystals and in which way can they support me?
How can I receive the frequency from the crystals?
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Who is doing the energizing and how?
How can I find out which frequency helps me most?